Nathalie Bomgren’s Beach Body Steps ¦¦ The Perfect Tummy

Ever wonder how celebrities and supermodels get those endlessly lean and toned figures? Well model and personal trainer Nathalie Bomgren is the secret weapon behind the beauty. Working alongside other fitness gurus at Bodyism, she trains an enviable list of A-list clients, helping them to perfect and maintain long, lean, healthy bodies.

She’s helping us prepare for the bikini season, with weekly exercise and diet tips, so when it’s finally time to step onto that beach we can do it proudly. Step two, the perfect tummy….

All of my clients have different fitness goals and I always tailor my sessions to try to sculpture the perfect bodies that they want. Now I’ve started to see a pattern. Almost all of my female clients have requested three things. These are:


*Lift and shape the bum,

*Improve their posture

*Get a flat tummy with a nicely shaped feminine waist


On my last blog post I wrote about how to achieve the “non-surgical butt lift”. This post will be about improving your tummy, and next week I will help you improve your posture.

So, are you one of those who believe that 200 crunches a day will get you a flat tummy? Sorry to break it to you but this will probably make your posture worse and your lower abs stick out even more.

The trick to get that dream tummy that we see on the Victoria’s Secret runway is to activate these abdominal muscles.

*TVA (transverse abdominus) – This is the muscle that acts like a corset and will suck the tummy in so that it gets flat.

*Obliques- They will shape your hour glass waist.

* Lower abs- it is important to activate these so that you don’t get a pouch belly.

Excersises to do 5 times a week



Stand on all four, knees and hands. Let the tummy hang down and relax with a curved back, like a happy dog. Now, breathe in and press the hands down on the ground and curve your back like an angry cat. At the same time bring the belly button towards the spine. Hold this for as long as you can hold your breath, then breathe out and relax again. Repeat 10-15 times.




Lie on your side and put your elbow underneath your shoulder. Keep the legs straight and lift the hip up high and shape a high arch with the body. Slowly and controlled lower the hip to the floor. Just before you touch the floor bring the hip up again. Repeat 15 times each side.



Lie on your back with the feet off the floor and the knees bent 90 degrees. Slowly lower one leg at a time towards the floor and try to keep the belly button towards the spine. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

Well done, now do all these exercises once more.


To get your dream tummy you also need to stress less. The stress hormone cortisol can make you store fat on your tummy area. Also try to cut out sugars, bread and pasta, and try to cut down on your alcohol intake.

Good luck!!


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