Ever wonder how celebrities and supermodels get those endlessly lean and toned figures? Well model and personal trainer Nathalie Bomgren is the secret weapon behind the beauty. Working alongside other fitness gurus at Bodyism, she trains an enviable list of A-list clients, helping them to perfect and maintain long, lean, healthy bodies. We caught up with her to find out more…

Models 1: How did you get into modelling?

Nathalie Bomgren: I first started modelling part time in Sweden while I was in school, and I started travelling to London in the summer holidays to work with Models 1. This was mainly to build up my book slowly to start my career. When I was 18 moved to London, and Models 1 helped me to get in touch with other agencies across the world, so eventually I was spending 4-6 months of the year travelling.

Has sport always been a big part of your life?

Yes, I was a ballet dancer when I was younger, and then started to do kick boxing. I’ve always loved to train.

What made you move into personal training?

My lovely booker Fraser encouraged me to start doing personal training. I was training a lot myself and also helped some of my friends starting out at the gym. It has always been a passion of mine to help people to get fitter, with the help of both exercising and nutritional advice. It’s the best feeling when people are getting great results.

How do you balance both your modelling and fitness careers?

Both Bodyism and Models 1 are very understanding that I do both modelling and personal training. I love both my jobs and it is great that they go so well together.

There are increasingly more collaborations between sports brands and designers. Does this have an effect on your style while training?

When I train it is not that important which designer has made my clothes. It is more important that the clothes are flattering for my body type, that the material they are made from breathes and is good quality. My favourite brand for sports gear is Casall, who I also model for.

How do you like to dress of duty?

When I’m not working I like to dress up. I’m always in trainers and exercise clothes at work, so when I go out for dinner I like to wear clothes that make me feel womanly. My absolute favourite designer is Emilia Wickstead, who makes the most beautiful made-to-measure dresses. You can pick any colour and fabric you want and she makes the dress to fit your figure perfectly.

Who are your celebrity clients?

Some of the celebs that I train include Mollie King from The Saturday’s, David Gandy, Hugh Grant and the lovely Models 1 model Roos Van Montfort. It is quite cool that out of the total 12 trainers that work at Bodyism, 4 of us have been or are models at Models 1.

Nathalie trains The Saturday’s Mollie King in Bodyism’s studio

What is your favourite form of exercise?

I love a combination of ballet, yoga and trx. With that combination and the right nutrition you’ll for sure get a long athletic body. It is important, for models in particular, not to get bulky, just to tone up and improve strength.

Do you also advise clients on diet and nutrition?

Bodyism’s Vanilla flavoured Bodycomplete

Yes, training and nutrition really goes hand in hand. I look in to all aspects of my client’s life, and also provide advice about sleep, stress levels and what supplement’s they should take.

Describe a typical weekday to me?

I normally get up around 6.30am

I grab a handful of almonds and drink 2 glasses of water and coffee

Go out for an hour of interval training in the park

I then eat a breakfast of eggs or turkey with a whole red pepper. 2 more glasses of water

I train 3-4 clients at Bodyism, and then work at the office

On my lunch break I do yoga and afterwards I’ll grab a chicken and avocado salad. 2 more glasses of water.

I train a couple more clients and meet potential new clients for consultations.

I go home and cook dinner, normally salmon or a chicken dish. 2 more glasses of water

I drink Bodyism’s Body Serenity to relax, so I fall asleep like a baby. I preferably need 9 hours sleep.

Tell me about Bodyism’s exercise band?

The band tube walking is an amazing exercise to get the perfect butt, like a non-surgical butt lift. It switches on the gluteus medius which is the muscle that lifts the bum up, and is also great warm up to do before exercising as it helps to stabilise the knee, hips and ankle joints.

For more infomation about Nathalie’s Private training, visit Bodyism’s website.

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