MY LONDON ¦ Tommy-Lee Winkworth

John Newman’s video boy- Tommy-Lee Winkworth gives us a down low on his favourite London hot spots…

Where did you grow up


Favourite spot to hang out when you were younger

‘Bovis’, a park near me where we used to play football and be naughty!

Favourite hangout

 All Star bowling lanes down Brick lane/Shoreditch. Bowling and cocktails, what more do you want!!

Favourite place to eat

YALLA YALLA!!! This place does the nicest Lebanese food at decent prices!

Favourite place to grab a snack

Whatever tickles my pickle at the time

Favourite area

East London- I’ve always loved this place since I was younger. A lot of things going on all the time, plus i live down that way!

Favourite place to hang in between castings

 In sunny weather, you can’t beat chillin in a park with the lads

Favourite place to shop

 I do most of my shopping online, mainly to purchase the latest creps (trainers) that I have an unhealthy obsession with. Sites such as Soleheaven, Size and others that I randomly come across

Favourite summer spot

I’ve recently found it. Where I live, East London, towards Beckton, there’s a new park that I’ve just discovered. It has a massive lake full of ducks and other wildlife, its rad!!!

 Favourite place to chill

I can chill anywhere in London, that’s the beauty of it!

First memory in London

First memory of London is being well hangover, waiting outside Topman in Oxford Circus, with my left ear freshly pierced and then getting scouted by a modelling agency. lol

Your favourite London fact

 ‘London occupies 620 square miles’, that’s one more square mile than 619!!!

What top 5 things would you show a foreigner

Nandos, M&M World (pointless but sick), traditional English pub, fish and chips and I’d go to Big Ben and take some funny photos with it

Your favourite London landmark

The London Eye, just because of all the good times i’ve had there/around the area

Your secret spot

I’ve already mentioned it!

 Contact: frankie@models1.co.uk 

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