My London ¦ Jamie Baah- Mensah

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Where did you grow up?

I grew up in South Chingford

Favourite spot to hang out when you were younger?

 Ermm it was probably hanging in the basketball court or the ICT room getting up to no good!

 Favourite hangout?

Shisha cafes and clubs in Bricklane. In Kent it's Tyler Hill,  its soo peaceful and beautiful at night time, with a nice breeze it's a good place to think with calm soulful music… Bob marley, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill etc

 Favourite place to eat?

 Arrr you've put me on the spot with this one. Even though I always end up in Nando's, I'm not sure if its my favourite place to eat. I think I need to conquer America first

Favourite place to grab a snack?

 Hmm probably Cakes & Shakes- the RED VELVET CAKEEE IS BEYOND DESCRIBABLE!!!!

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Favourite area?

I don't know yet, I haven't been everywhere to tell you

Favourite place to hang in between castings?

During London Fashion Week it's the model lounge and for the rest of the time it's Hyde Park

 Favourite place to shop?

Urban Outfitters! They have some great bits of clothing which I think suit my look. Uniqlo is best for the basics and when I feel like something simple. Plain and simple is the best

Favourite summer spot?

A local beach on a nice sunny day

First memory in London?

Well I was born here so it would have to be my 1st day of nursery when my mum dropped me off and I tugged on her trousers because I was shy and I didn't want to let go. I started crying and then she lied to me and she  said she was staying but she turned around 15 minutes later and she was gone. I cried again! Haha

Your favourite London fact? 

 Arsenal is the only football team that has an underground station named after them

What top 5 things would you show a foreigner?

1. Central London and the major tourist attractions

2. East London- Shoreditch and Bricklane etc.

3.  Southend beach and Brighton

4. London night clubs

5. All my favourite places for food

 Your favourite London landmark?

 Ermm probably the 02 arena

 Your secret spot?

 It wouldn't be a sceret spot if I told you, would it? ;)  LOL

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