EXCITING NEWS ¦¦ Models 1 Curvy Instagram Search

Models 1 launched their first Instagram search in the beginning of February 2013.

Social media networks have so much power within society and the ability to reach a huge worldwide community. Brands and companies regularly use it as a tool to engage with their audience and widen their customer base. One network in particular, Instagram’s popularity has sky rocketed in recent years, it now has 100 million registered users, putting it level with its older siblings Facebook and Twitter.

The prospect of walking into a model agency can be daunting and we wanted to open our doors to a wider audience by utilising the power of social media and taking away some of those initial nerves. As Instagram is an image sharing network, it made perfect sense to us at Models 1 to use it as a platform for a model search.

By launching the search it gave people the chance to meet Models 1 from the comfort and security of their own homes. We simply asked them to upload their image with the #MakeMeModels1.  Models 1 could then follow the hashtag to see each day’s entries. It was very simple and very effective.

Models 1 are very proud of the success of the search with over 2,400 fantastic entries and 2000 new followers.

As a result of this enormous success, Models 1 is extending the model search to its Plus Division.

Choosing only to represent a small and select group of uniquely beautiful girls, the division aims to feature the diverse range of shapes into which women fall. Recognising retailers wish to provide more realistic advertising of their products; Models 1 Plus endeavours to ensure that brands are able to be more inclusive of their customers, without compromising on the high end and stylish look that can only be achieved by using a top model.


Working exclusively with SLiNK magazine, the bi-monthly fashion and lifestyle print and digital publication aimed at women size 14+

Times are a-changing and SLiNK magazine is ahead of the curve – in fact SLiNK Is the Curve.


To enter just go to Instagram #MakeMeaModels1Curvy and upload your picture @Models1_UK

We can’t wait to hear from all you gorgeous people… xxxx

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