Models1 pets…

Let’s introduce some of us here at Models1… and what better way to do so than through their pets…
Gemma: Image booker – Lukie the Labrador, Mowse the cat, Crumple and Crease the cows

Hannah: Women’s booker – Stanley the Welsh Terrier and Bertie the cat

Elaine: Head of Management division – Sidonie the Golden Retriever

Georgia: Office junior (and everyone’s barbie doll) – Charlie and Marlie the Cairn Terriers

Greg: Head of Women’s division – Lola the pug

Ryan: Men’s booker – Ted the Kerry Blue Terrier

Karen: Director – Scooter the horse

Joe: Women’s booker – Ruby the Hungarian Vizsla and Minky the cat
Julien: Image booker (and yours truly) – Lookie the Labrador, Mollie the Staffy, Heroi and Fairplay the horses

Hayley: Receptionist – Ben the rescue dog

Jen: New Faces booker – Mylo the Pomeranian

Julie: Production – Cheesy the Pomeranian