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INTERVIEW: Model Beauty Secrets – Jena Goldsack

Get to know model Jena Goldsack’s skincare and beauty routine…

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§  What’s your beauty routine?

I exfoliate with St Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub twice a week, and then regularly use Lancome cleanser & toner.

 §  Which make up products do you swear by?

I try not to wear foundation as I like to let my face breathe, especially when I’m not working. After I moisturise with Skintruth I just finish with the Photo Finish Primer from Smashbox – which helps to make my face feel nice & silky. I cover my lashes in Max Factor Falsh Lash Effect Mascara. I swear by my summer fruits EOS lip balm, which I can normally only find when I’m working in America.

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 §  How do you look after your mane?

My mane is a pain to manage because it’s pretty curly which also means it gets blow dried or straightened most days. I have to treat myself to a deep condition every 6 weeks and maintain it at home with Kerastase shampoo, condition, hair masque and heat protector. On top of all of that – I can’t live without my Tangle Teezer.

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 §  What do you smell of?

I like to switch my scent up but my favourites at the moment are J’adore by Dior and Burberry Brit.

 §  Do you have a facialist/ salon that you always go back to?

My favourite facialist is one of my best friends who lives back home in Cornwall. But because I travel a lot I have had to try and find somewhere new and my back up plan is always Bliss Spa in NYC.

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 §  How do you keep in shape?

My favourite way to get fit is Reformer Pilates – every session is different so your body doesn’t get used to doing the same thing. I tried cardio Pilates when I was in Sydney, with my model pal Sofia Fisher, but that was tough… really tough. I also try and swim as much as possible too. Somebody recently told me about underwater spinning which I can’t wait to try out.

 §  What’s your favourite keeping fit tip?

The key to keeping fit – Find an exercise programme/ class that you enjoy and then you’ll be unstoppable. I can’t handle a running machine but love other types of exercise that get my heart pumping.

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§  Your favourite recipe?

This is a bit embarrassing… but I can’t really cook. I eat out pretty much every day. I know it’s not very healthy, but I can make a mean chocolate shortcake/brownie type thing. My mum taught me a quick and easy way of making it in 10 minutes.

 §  Who’s look do you have beauty envy for?

I’ve got major beauty envy for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley… She always has the most perfect hair, flawless skin and her lips are killer!



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