Mie Anderson ¦¦ Quick Fire Questions

 Mie Anderson is a true hippy. After selling everything she owns to fund her travel, she is now jetting the world. In between visiting Milan, jumping home to Denmark for a few days and then onto Australia for the next few weeks, she found a moment to come and say hello to Models 1 and to give us her take on our ‘Quick Fire Questions’. Mie is a girl of many talents & below she expresses her love for all things musical with a burning dream to take the lead role in a Broadway musical. This girl is on fire with her big hair and her even bigger personality…



My name is: Mie Anderson

My star sign is: Gemini- I talk ALOT!

I was born: in a small town in Denmark

I was scouted: at 15, when I won the biggest model competition in Denmark :)

My favourite modeling moment so far: I love every moment in front of the camera, so I can’t name just one!

My style is: changing every day depending on my mood & the country I am in

I’d love to work with: positive people, but brandwise I love everyone for being creative, so anybody that brought strong energy and spirit to the shoot

My biggest dream: in the modeling world is to shoot for a big hair campaign. But my biggest dream in life is to have the lead role in a Broadway musical

My biggest fashion mistake: I don’t believe in mistakes, I believe in everything being part of a learning process

If I wasn’t a model I would: I already do all the things I love: modeling, singing, acting and writing

On my ipod right now: is a lot of reggae

My favourite film/book right now: Cloud Atlas (I have seen it four times)

Food I couldn’t live without: Acai bowls & coconut water

What do you love to do in your free time: Exercise, hang out with my friends, write, travel. My work life & free time generally go hand in hand

What advice would you offer to other curvy models: Just to be themselves. Being happy and healthy is what it is all about!

Thanks Mie. xx


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