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Men’s Skincare Q&A || BEAST

The boys are back in town and ready for yet another London Fashion Week with Models 1. This year, M1 is in great company with men’s grooming retailer, BEAST – joining us as our official LFW sponsor and collaborator in the #M1BeastBoy model competition. With few spaces dedicated to mens grooming and especially none like BEAST, we thought to ask them a few things about how our model boys can keep their faces fresh throughout the season and give us a little education along the way.



M1 : BEAST is an M1 sponsor this season for men’s fashion week, providing our boys with Dr.Barbara Sturm products – what makes BEAST different from other beauty/grooming retailers?

BEAST : We are the only store in the World focusing on Men’s Beauty, Grooming and Fragrance. We have 75 different brands merchandised across the categories Body, Hair, Shave, Face and Fragrance which makes it easier to navigate. This is also reflected on our online platform www.shop-beast.com.

M1 : What are some of the most common questions men have about their skin when they come in to BEAST?

BEAST : What can I do to reduce fine lines around the eyes area? Should I follow a skin care routine to see results? What are the essentials I need to have?

M1 : If you’re new to skincare, where should you start?

BEAST : We recommend to start with a daily face wash, a multi purpose moisturiser and a face scrub which they should use 2 to 3 times a week.

M1 : What are some differences between the skin of a man and a woman?

BEAST : The main difference is that men have thicker skin than women’s and require different types of products to look after this.








M1 : Are there any steps in a skincare routine that you find men are often skipping? 

BEAST : Yes, we have seen that lots of men don’t use a face wash regularly, they think rinsing their face with water is enough.

M1 : What’s one skincare treatment or product that you think men could use more of?

BEAST : Definitely serum, use it along with moisturiser and your skin will definitely see the difference.

M1 : We always talk about women’s skin and ageing but very little about men, are there differences in the way skin ages across genders? What should men look out for?

BEAST : I think it depends on the individual, but men tend to age mostly around the eyes area. A secret is to wear SPF at all times since sun is the main cause of ageing.

M1 : Any tips for men struggling with adult acne? 

BEAST : With severe cases we recommend seeing a dermatologist but for lesser concerns we do have brands in-store that can help, such as the Recipe for MenAnti-Blemish cover stick.

M1 : Shower Gels or Bar Soaps – which cleanse/moisturise the skin more effectively?

BEAST : Soaps can dry your skin out so shower gels with oils could be more effective as they are more moisturising, but of course it depends on the individual’s skin.




M1 : For men with beards, what are some ways to keep them healthy while caring for the skin around it?

BEAST : We’d suggest to wash the beard regularly, with a beard shampoo and conditioner, such as those from Murdock and use a beard oil that penetrates better than creams into your skin. At BEAST we love the Sailors beard oil from Haeckels.

M1 : Any tips for aftershave care? 

BEAST : We always recommend that our clients use a balm or moisturiser with calming ingredients like aloe, sage or lavender that help soothe the skin.

M1 : What are some ingredients that you recommend keeping far away from your skin?

BEAST : Definitely sulphates, petrochemicals and parabens. Make sure you always read ingredients on the back of the products.

M1 : A lot of men want to get into fragrances but don’t know where to start, what are the differences between Colognes. Eau Du Parfum, and Eau Du Toilette? 

BEAST : It’s the concentration of the perfume oil. Colognes are less concentrated than EDT and EDP is more concentrated than EDT.  As a consequence the price will raise accordingly.

M1 : Could you name some products that BEAST is loving at the moment?

BEAST : The shave creams from Marram are like the Nespresso of shaves! Also the Facial Scrub from Proverb, the Intense Moisturiser from SA.AL&CO and all D.S.& Durga Fragrances are amazing.






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To find out more about BEAST, you can find them at https://shop-beast.com/ and below.

Instagram: @BEAST.London

Twitter: @Shop_Beast



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