Meet Devanie…

We caught up with Devanie Gobir, our incredible LA resident who’s busy causing a stir on the London fashion scene with her feline features and unforgettable presence..

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You’ve been flitting back from London to Paris a lot this summer, lucky thing! Tell us about that..

Yeah, this is my third time in London, the first time was to see about six agencies, literally for one day and do a load of appointments. It was pretty harsh, I took a train at 6am, stayed all day then went back to Paris the same evening. Then I came back again for Fashion Week to both London and Paris. That was also pretty crazy, I ended up booking Vivienne Westwood and Mark Fast. And now I’m here again!

Have you discovered any favourite British shops?

I’m more into vintage and thrift store shopping but if I had to choose I’d say Topshop and H&M.

What do you miss most about your hometown?

The sunshine! In the winter in LA the worst the weather gets is a bit windy and chilly, and then it might randomly rain, but it’s just really mild which I love.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Pretty much looking at Models.com, Tumblr and all the different style blogs. I’m really into fashion and trends. I also enjoy reading. I’m currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I’d been avoiding it for so long.

Describe your style?

Occasionally chic but not always. Sometimes a bit grunge and a little hip, depending on my mood.

What’s your all-time favourite purchase?

I recently bought a really thick wool cape. It was hanging around outside a vintage shop getting rained on!

What’s your idea of fun?

Shopping is always fun, and eating. I enjoy just going to different places, coming from LA is all hamburgers, fries and pizza. When I came to England, having a meat pie was really cool for me.

Superpower of choice?

Teleporting. I’d go everywhere, just visiting everyone and popping back.

Last song you listened to on your iPod?

The Gossip.

 Favourite designer?

Probably Prada, I feel they are really in-house and always creative. Their trends are always classic.

Who would be your ultimate dinner date?

Honestly, it would mostly be my boyfriend.

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