Meet ¦ Actress & Model – Amy Jackson


So tell us…What’s been going on recently with you?

I’ve just got back from Mumbai after spending 2 years making my latest movie, Ai, which translates as divine beauty. It’s the highest budget Tamil movie ever made, so the whole thing has  been pretty mind blowing. It’s exciting to be back in London though and I’m ready to make it my base now.


You’re big break came in 2010 with director A.L.Vijay – how did that all happen? 

It was such an amazing chance – I had just won Miss Teen World in America and Vijay read all the press surrounding the competition while he was in India. He then got in touch with Boss management and asked to meet me, within no time I was flown to Mumbai and I was the lead role in a top Tamil movie called  MadrasapattinamThe whole thing was an incredible whirl wind!


What has been a stand out moment for you over the past few years? 

Probably the decision to move to Mumbai at the age of 18 – my work opportunities were all coming from India and so I thought that if I was going to do more with my career then I had to make the big leap.

Is there somewhere in India that you can recommend to us – somewhere special to you?

I adore Kerala – I took my dad there in December and we spent time in the beautiful backwaters receiving traditional Indian Ayurvedic treatment.


What can we look forward to? 

Once my latest film is released I will be doing a lot of press work surrounding that. It’s the calm before the storm at the moment!

Who do you admire?

Anthony Hopkins is really special; he takes the perfect shape of all his roles.


Where are your favourite places to shop? 

There are a bunch of really cool vintage stores in Manchester’s Northern Quarter that I love rummaging through. I’m always looking for vintage belts from the 70’s and 80’s.

What would you like for the future? 

I really want to try and push every boundary and to just do as much as possible. I also want to travel more – there are so many places I want to conquer. Living abroad definitely gives you that desire to see more of the world.


Contact: josy@models1.co.uk





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