MEET: Interview – Kika-Rose Ridley

Come & catch up with one of our favourite faces – all meet Kika-Rose Ridley…

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My name is… Kika-Rose but everyone just calls me Kika

I live… in West London with my family and dog Muffin

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It all started… when I was scouted at about 14. I went off to boarding school for two years and once I got back my friend’s big sister convinced me to see an agency. I’ve been with Models 1 ever since :)

I can’t live without… my sisters. They’re everything

The line-up I’d most like to see at a festival is… Burial, Modeselektor and Justin Martin and then of course Beyonce.

My favourite model is… Freja from the Valentino perfume advert.


My favourite job… was a video for Victoria Beckham’s dress line where we played hide and seek in a huge stately home wearing her amazing collection. I was the seeker and as I was counting down when David Beckham walked in

My go to beauty product… is Bioderma. Having quite sensitive and dry skin, it’s a life saver


When I was younger…  I wanted to be a forensic scientist, after watching a lot of CSI with my mum

My crush is… my boyfriend

If I could be anywhere in the world… it would be with my big sister in Australia


My favourite saying is… “hush your beak” – it’s just a more polite way of saying shut up among my friends

A film of my life would be called… something simple like Love. Cheesy I know but it sums it up pretty well

My friends would say I was… quite level headed and good to come to if you have a problem

When I’m off duty my favourite thing is to… just chill with my family or go to the pub with my friends

My favourite place in London… is Maida Vale where I was born and raised

Maida Vale sign North West London

My last meal… would be my mums beef casserole. I could eat it every day

Today I’m feeling… truly happy

Kika-Rose Ridley

Contact: hannah@models1.co.uk

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