M1 Trend on the Highstreet ¦ White

With trends on the high street changing continuously, Models 1 brings you bite-sized snippets of what’s in the shops at the moment. We all know that you can’t go wrong wearing all-black, as a trend it never dies out. A slightly more unusual trend is ‘all-white’. Think polo matches, tennis, and summer breaks in the Hamptons. Lucky for us, there are plenty of high street retailers that are currently providing us with the essentials to pull off the look. Whether its barely there shorts and a jumper, or a simple white maxi dress, mixing blocks of white with little splashes of colour creates a clean, fun, and elegant outfit, perfect for relaxing in the sun. The beautiful Arabella Stanforth models some of the latest highs treet pieces. Illustrations by Annabelle King

Styled by Sarah Haddon-Grant

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