Makeup is for everyone and on Halloween there is no exception. Take your look to the extremes and frighten whomever lands in your sights…fashionably of course!  In the spirit of spookiness we found three of our favourite looks from around the web, inspired by some of the buzziest pop culture facets like the blockbuster IT . RUUBY App makeup artist Abbie Beautement transformed M1’s Laurence James into a fab iridescent jokester. On Instagram, Beautement writes:

“This look is simple yet sooo effective. Iridescent and holographic pigments bring the jet black detail to life. Another quick tip for those doing their own makeup is to outline or finish the more fine areas of black using liquid eyeliner. Fill in the large areas with black face paint but get that professional precision with a felt tip or liquid eyeliner ?? …and for all those ‘Ravey Daves’ ????? make sure you finish your look with a hella lot of translucent powder. No sweat ? .”

See the video above to watch it all happen then click HERE to watch us turn The Bloom Twins from cute to creepy.

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