Lucy’s world tour

New Faces booker extraordinaire Lucy Brown tells us about travelling before joining Models1… We all love a bit of an adventure, but who knew you could pack this much in just a year?! nice work Lucy!
During my studies at Leeds Metropolitan university I took a year out to follow my dream of working in entertainment PR in the place where it all began, LA.
Living in a small flat in West Hollywood I spent a year interning at BluPrint, a boutique PR firm where I worked on clients such as Paula Abdul, LA Lakers, Moschino and John Varvatos. Here I got a taste for the finer things in life, eating at fabulous restaurants and partying with the A listers. Returning to the UK i finished my degree and realised my thirst for travel hadn’t been quenched and took to the road again with my boyfriend and booked two round the world tickets. Starting in Hong Kong we bumped into Orlando Bloom in Nobu, then hit the beach in Thailand spending a night on the beach in the world famous Maya Bay (where they filmed the beach).
Next shopping in Singapore with a Singapore Sling in Raffles. Sydney was the next stop where I worked at Chic Management as a Junior model booker for some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Sydney was an amazing experience and I had the opportunity to travel throughout Australia particularly Queensland and Victoria where I tasted wines in Yarra Valley and got to experience fantastic tropical weather.
After spending New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour we packed up our belongings and headed for Auckland, New Zealand. Here we travelled throughout the North Island especially loving Wahikaie Island and Rotarura. Just a short stay with the Kiwi but off to Roratonga in the the stupendous Cook Islands, crystal clear waters and the friendliest people in the world! back to my home away from home LA where I spent a month showing my boyfriend the sites, taking in a basketball game and watching dolphins from Venice Beach.
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