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Love her Look ¦¦ Hollie-May

Hollie-May Saker is the adorable New Face over from Spain. This incredible Brit has been entertaining us daily with her assortment of bold and colourful outfits, whether its floral leggings, playful hats or statement heals. Today was no exception-check out her amazing gold trousers, teamed with a preppy mix on top, and a pair of sky blue Vans.

What are you wearing?

My shiny gold jeans are from my mum’s old shop, and the rest of my outfit is from a Spanish shop called Stragavarious. I wear Van’s a lot, they are my favourite shoes.

Describe your style?

I try to be as indie as I can, but in this weather it is hard, wearing ripped leggings in this weather isn’t easy.

Who is your style icon?

I don’t really have one but if i was a singer it would be Lady Gaga, I would want to be that extravagant. But at the moment I’d say it’s more like Lily Cole geeky, quirky look.

Contact alice@models1.co.uk

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