Leah Dyson ¦¦ Life Beyond The Catwalk with Models 1

When Leah Dyson popped into the agency for a casting appointment, we were VERY surprised at the activity she had been doing for the previous week…

Tell us what you have been up to for the past week?

I have been lambing at a farm in Dorking because I want to study veterinary medicine which means I am trying to do lots of unusual work experience like lambing sheep to get a feel for a career in the sector.

So what does that mean you have to study for a levels?

Biology, chemistry & maths

How do people react when you tell them you want to be a vet & that you also model?

It doesn’t really sound like it would mix very well but I am figuring it out and it’s working for me at the moment, so I would love to carry on being able to do both

For how long have you wanted to be a vet?

Since I can remember to be honest

Do you have a favourite animal?

Probably cheetahs because of their elegance

Is it general veterinary you would like to work in or is there a particular animal you would like to specialise working with?

As a career I’d like to go into general veterinary work but on the side I would love the opportunity to work abroad. In my gap year I will be travelling to Africa to gain experience in looking after ill wildlife which I am so excited about which means modelling will have to go on hold for a moment

Leah Dyson shows that brains do come with beauty!!

Contact: luka@models1.co.uk

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