Lara Bonomo at Teen Vogue

Ever since i started at Models1, Lara Bonomo at Teen Vogue has been one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to spotting the next big thing.
The magazine spotted our gorgeous Ali Stephens very early on, and more recently featured Models1’s rising star Charlotte Pallister
So, influencial is definitely the name of the game when it comes to Lara and Teen Vogue. Here she kindly answers some of my questions…

Julien: We all love NYC, it’s such a buzzy, inspiring city. What is your favourite thing about living there?
Lara: The diversity- All of the different areas have their own personality and energy. Uptown v downtown, east v west, and then there is Brooklyn which has multiple vibes that you don’t find in Manhattan- I guess I love the fact that no matter what your mood, you can find somewhere that will make you happy and have a good time.

J: Teen Vogue is the ultimate magazine for young girls all over the world… How does your magazine manage to appeal to such a wide audience with often very different cultural backgrounds?
L: Teen Vogue has always stayed true to it’s fashion roots and focuses on bringing tangible ideas as well as inspiration to our readers. I think great ideas transcend all cultural backgrounds. The fashion is all about mixing, matching,layering- and encourages readers to put their own stamp on their wardrobes. I cannot overlook the importance of beauty as well. I think our readers love the tips from the top hair and make-up stylists in the industry. They show us how to take hair and make-up to the edge but keep it real.
Throw in some incredibly informative health and fitness topics and of the moment celebrities and you can’t put it down until you’ve read it cover to cover- No matter where you live

Emma Watson on the cover of Teen Vogue this month, again, spot on!

J: You see models come in every day i’m sure, and Teen Vogue has a reputation for launching many girls careers (i remember Chanel Iman’s first Teen Vogue cover). What do you look for in a model? what makes a girl stand out from a line up?
L: I see so many girls at Teen Vogue and they are truly all lovely- Only a very small fraction actually end up on the pages of Teen Vogue. Aside from the normal criteria that goes with being a model ( height being at the top of that list) , I look for an elegance and a personality that will actually bring life to the pages. A great smile goes a long way too

J: Who is your favourite girl at the moment?
L: I think Christy Turlington is the most timeless beauty

J: Can you take me through your favourite outift?
L: It changes every day

Lara’s favourite image… love!