Joe Brotherton INTERVIEW ¦ EXCLUSIVE Saint Laurent

Maybe it is Joe Brotherton’s razor sharp cheek bones or his piercing eyes that contributed to Saint Laurent hand picking him to walk *exclusively* for their Paris SS’14 show. We could not brush this off before we sat down and chatted to Joe about Paris, how he calmed himself before the show and his encounter with Anna Wintour…

Hometown: Living in Manchester, but from Denholme in West Yorkshire

Shows walked: This was my first show as well as being a world exclusive.

Paris: The city is amazing, it’s so beautiful!

Favourite parts: The after party! And sitting under the Eiffel Tower as I had a good catch up with a friend who was working over there.

People you met: Well I came into contact with Anna Wintour!!!! As you can imagine that was very scary and I was extremely starstruck!

Hedi: Oh yeah! I met him a few times, he was picking the outfits for us to wear as well as taking pictures of us! Before we went on he calmed us all down and we had a bit of a laugh! He was one of most inspirational people I think I have ever met.

The feeling: It’s such a weird feeling you go through! I was so scared that I would mess up but at the same time I remembered that I have been walking most of my life so I knew it would probably be fine!

Relaxing before and after: Hedi relaxed me before the show, just by believing in me and also by cracking a few jokes. Afterwards it was lots of drink at the after party!

Special treats backstage: We had candy and drinks to keep us fueled but nothing too special!

The travelling: Because I’m such a fidget, I planned that I needed to keep myself occupied during the travel to Paris. I began reading “Dracula” and it became a strange coincidence that vampire fangs came up in the collection too.

Whilst not working: I visited the Louvre and Pompidou galleries as I am also studying fine art while modelling.

The outfit from the show: I would definitely wear it again. I loved it! It was quite simple and sleek and the Lion that sat upon my shoulder was just too cute and cool not to wear!

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Contact: jamesc@models1.co.uk

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