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Born and raised in a family of shoe makers, it seemed only right that Jimmy Choo continued in his father’s footsteps. He is now an international name, and is renowned for creating beautifully crafted shoes with an endless line-up of of A-list followers, most famously the late Princess Diana, with whom he developed a close friendship. Choo’s main focus now is the Jimmy Choo couture line.

A strong believer in family values, he also spends a lot of his time concentrating on his role as Tourism Ambassador of Malaysia, promoting education and tourism. Many, with a C.V like this would feel satisfied, but for Jimmy Choo this is far from true. Constantly striving to learn more, as well as sharing his knowledge with others, there is no doubt that we can be expecting much, much more.

Models 1: You are an inspiration to many, who inspires you?

Jimmy Choo: Beautiful ladies. What they wear day to day is very important. But my main inspiration is my father, he was a shoe maker. He taught me how do design and make shoes, so I was brought up learning the skill.

M1: What other shoe designer do you most love?

JC: I treat them all as my friends. I love Manolo Blahnik’s work, when I was at school he was my idol.

M1: What is it like being an icon?

JC: Its hard work, I just thank the people who support me and love me. I’m not a celebrity, some people who support me are celebrities, and that’s helped me.

M1: Did you always see yourself as a shoe designer?

JC: Yes, when I was young I loved to design shoes. That’s why I’m doing it, I love designing and making shoes.

M1: Your product is iconic, and is made to last. How do you feel about disposable fashion?

JC: If you can design something that has quality and value, people will keep coming back to you for that. If you look at the late Princess Diana, many years ago I designed shoes for her, and when she later sold her clothes for auction to raise money for charity, she wore my shoes. I think it is very important to have a core identity.

M1: You must have had some incredible experiences throughout your career, are there any that stand out for you in particular?

JC: I have to work hard as well, even now. You never think that you’re successful, never say that you’re successful. It’s never ending, every day, every month there is something new to learn. I’m learning all the time; I don’t think I’m successful yet. If you think that then nothing more can come out of what you are doing.

M1: Your main focus now is the Jimmy Choo Couture line. Do you have any plans to move back into ready-to-wear, or to create a diffusion line?

JC: I am very happy with what I am doing with the couture range. I also spend a lot of time promoting education and tourism in Malaysia, working closely with the council. I try to spend as much time with my family as possible, too.

M1: So family is very important to you?

JC: Yes, I want them to have a good life. I don’t mind spending money on my daughter Emily, on whatever she wants to do because I want her to see new things, see the world, and I am pleased that I can provide that and support it. It is important to be able to afford education and a good quality of life. I don’t want my wife working, I like for her to be able to stay with me wherever I go, although she seems to travel more than I do!

M1: How do you relax?

JC: Showers and baths. Baths are wonderful.

M1: Who would be your ultimate dinner date?

JC: You..!? Haha Of course it is my wife, and my family. I love my daughter, I miss my daughter.

Posted by Sarah, sarah@models1.co.uk

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