Jade McSorley’s Milano diaries

Jade has been exploring the sights of Milan! She gives us a little insight into what she’s been up to…

It’s been quite hectic over here! I went on a yacht over the weekend to some of the little port towns which was amazing

One place was called PortoFino which means ‘splendid frame’ – so the name is perfect for it because it looked like something from a postcard! You can only get to some of the little beaches by yacht. And the places only have shops like Dior and YSL on them! So if you lived there you would be buying your socks from Dior because there is nowhere else to get clothes!

This is a little town called Camogli…you can only get there by yacht or hiking through the hills!

This is an outfit I wore to an event last night after my shoot for Italian Cosmopolitan. They have this annual design fair here which is a pretty big deal and there are loads of really fashion-y events that go on throughout the city. Spot my beloved Stella bag!




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