Jada Sezer: Tokyo, Japan. A Photo Diary.

M1 Curve model and mental health advocate Jada Sezer is a hard one to keep track of these days. From marathons to conferences, Sezer always has a mission and a plane to catch. Internally, we’re referring to her enviable travel as the ‘SEZER WORLD TOUR’ ( a la Beyoncé), seriously, what else could you call a cross continental adventure?

Touching down first in Tokyo, Japan (before going on to Australia) – Jada documented her every move for us. From Cat Cafe’s to Mount Fuji, here’s a small taste of the amazing and awesomely offbeat sights that caught her eye…

“Sitting alone 45 levels up, overlooking Tokyo’s busy skyline, eating dishes cut by Japanese master sushi chefs.”


“Front row’ed at the robot restaurant.”


“Inside the renowned Anime store in Akibahara, a manga haven. I found the original copy of a comic called ‘Spirited Away’ by the makers Studio Ghibli (go check out the anime movie, its beautiful).”


“The famous ‘Electric City’ for tech fanatics and comic buffs. The street was booming with Nintendo songs blasting from casinos. I also stumbled upon a Cat Cafe…”


“Sipping my matcha latte with the locals in a Cat Cafe in the Harajuku District.”


“The Nissan store of Ginza where machines were carving out a futuristic exterior of this foam demo car. Their cafe also serves coffee which prints your face into the foam, crazy!”


“Crossing Lake Ashi, on the way to visit Mount Fuji. The legend of lake suggests a 9 headed-dragon once lived here and would attack the locals. They built a shrine which can be seen today and banished the dragon with Buddhist powers.”


Keep up with Jada’s travels by following her HERE and be sure to check back in for her turn up down under.

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