Quick Fire Questions ¦ Isle of Wight Festival Scouting ¦ Laura C

The summer closes and another stunning face signs to the Models 1 board. This beautiful brunette, at 5’9 and with piercing dark eyes has some promising things coming her way as well an amazing personality.

Thank you Isle of Wight Festival for this beautiful girl!

Laura Cameron (!)
1. I was scouted at Isle of Wight Festival

2. My celebrity crush was Justin Timberlake

3. My lucky number is 13

4. Favourite song is ‘Call Me In The Afternoon’ by Half Moon Run

5. My BFF’s are Lucie and Ambrosia

6. I love English and Art – they’ve always been neck and neck as my favourite subjects

7. Hidden talent: I know all the words to ‘My Name Is Tallulah’ after playing her in Bugsy Malone when I was 14. I also make some mean American-style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup – family favourite

8. I love Garnier face wash and Benefit make-up is really great for concealer and powder

9. I would love to travel to Argentina and the Galapagos, I hear it’s beautiful and  I speak a bit of Spanish but have never been to South America

10. I last read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Meet the other beautiful girl we also scouted at Isle of Wight Festival – Arlie Osborne 

Contact: netta@models1.co.uk

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