Introduction ¦ Abi Fox’s Health & Beauty Secrets


Let me introduce myself and reveal to you my plans… I have been a model for a few years now and throughout that time I have travelled to beautiful places and met with an amazing collection of inspiring people. During my journey I have been advised in all areas of beauty & wellbeing, from makeup application secrets to looking fresh after flying and all by the people that know best.

I have tried to absorb as much information as possible and apply it to my own life. Now with the knowledge & experience I have collected I want to share with you my top tips to a healthy wellbeing. I will be sharing not just my favourite recipes and products but also how I prepare the night before a shoot right through to how I pack my suitcase for a trip away.

My thoughts will be scribbled down from both New York and London, where I share my time, and wherever else my amazing job takes me!

See you again soon…

Lots of love



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