#New Faces

Introducing ¦¦ Manuela

Manuela is the 19 year old hypnotising beauty from rural France, (where, alongside modelling, she studies Chemistry, History, Physics and Geology) that has come to London for her first show season. Her calm, approachable personality, combined with an effortless magnetism in front of the lens, will see her right to the top.

What are your hobbies?

I like listening to music, mostly 60/70s. I also enjoy going to the cinema, and playing the guitar

What is your favourite record?

It’s hard, I love anything by The Beatles

What is your favourite film?

American Beauty

What’s the best thing about your home town?

My house! I also like that it is not too big, and there aren’t too many people

Describe yourself in three words

Shy, positive, ambitious

Who is your favourite artist (any kind)?

Bob Dylan

Which Country would you most like to visit?

I would love to go to Scandinavia

Are you a night owl or day bird?

Night owl

Sweet or savoury?


What is your favourite city?

I love London and Paris.

Contact alice@models1.co.uk

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