Interview ¦ #INTOWN ¦ Rebecka Nielsen

Full name: Rebecka Nielsen

Hometown: Sweden

I was scouted… at a horse competition in Sweden

When I was growing up I… was almost always happy but strong as hell

Nobody knows that I… have promised a friend to do with her during 2013

The last song I played on my ipod is… “Langa Natter” by Melissa Horn

My dream vacation would be… Australia! Go to the Great Barrier Reef and take a scuba diving certificate

My dream purchase would be… a lovely apartment with big windows

The last book I read was… The Game by Neil Strauss (quite interesting…)

The last film I watched was… The Years

My favourite beauty advice is… to do things that make you smile, exercise, sleep well and be confident in yourself

For breakfast I had… oatmeal with sunflower seeds and raisins and I drank my favourite- green tea!

 Contact: alice@models1.co.uk

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