Behind the Scenes: Interview with a New Face: Grace Plowden


 British (3/4 English ¼ Scottish)

Star sign


How did you get scouted

In the Topshop in Westfield when I was 13

What were you doing before

I was (and still am) at school

What would like to do if you weren’t modelling

Something creative in either the magazine or advertising industry but my family has always been convinced I’ll become an actress

What would you like to achieve in 2013

I really enjoyed my first fashion week in February so I would love to walk in some more shows in September. I would also love to do some more editorials to build up my book

Have you got anything lined up for the next couple of months

I’m trying to focus on my schoolwork until I have finished my AS levels but I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time in London of the summer

Any hidden talents we should know about

I can play the bagpipes! I can also balance 4 spoons on my face…

If god was a DJ what song would you ask him to play all the time

Something classic like “Video” by Indie Arie. Every time I hear it puts me in such a good mood that I can’t help but do some of my ‘groovy’ dancing  which makes everyone laugh… at me…  It would definitely make the world a happier place!

If it was the last day on earth, how would you like to spend it

I have such a long bucket list I wouldn’t know where to start. Parachuting, flying a plane and trying oysters (which I keep putting off!) would all be a must and of course I would have to have an Ottolenghi feast with all my family and friends

Who would you love to have over for Sunday Lunch

Elvis to say I met him, Oscar Wilde for his humour and young Leonardo DiCaprio for obvious reasons…

What one food would you take to a desert island

My friend’s mum’s ‘sticky toffee goo-goo’ !

What is your favourite ever present or purchase

The most thoughtful present I was given recently was a parcel from my sister to get me through the last two weeks of school.  It sounds silly but she sent a really long letter, all my favourite snacks (lots of chocolate!), a bracelet and a film I had just been saying I wanted to see again- it was so sweet!

What city would you love to visit

Reykjavik, Iceland

Last film you watched


Last person you text & what did you say

My friend from home to thank her for my birthday present

Which fictional character would you love to be

Alice in Wonderland – I think I would get along quite well with the Mad Hatter!

You win all the money in the world- what 5 things would you first buy

A ridiculously extravagant Hippy themed party, a Picasso, a pet lion, an island in the French Polynesia, and the rights to a film where I’d play the lead alongside Leo…

Thanks Grace… x

Contact: luka@models1.co.uk

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