Q & A with Winner of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy

 We chat to hair stylist Sophia Hilton of Brooks & Brooks on winning the L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2013 with our gorgeous ‘New Face’ Rio Debolla

Congratulations on winning the L’Oreal Colour Trophy! How does it feel?

It feels fantastic. I never set out to win. Just to create  something new. I wanted to change trends.

How did you and Rio meet & how long have you been working with one another?

I’ve been working with Rio since she was 14. She was doing a small catwalk show at a festival I was doing the hair for. I had to ask her mum if she could model for me. Rio is like my little sister. We did all her first shoots together. It’s been amazing to see her grow to become such a beautiful and professional model.


What was the process of achieving her colour?

I got sick of seeing dip dye. Once girls had it done to be different, and now they just look like everyone else.  As lovey as it is, all trends must come to an end.  Now we have millions of girls in the world looking for the next big thing. The ‘mid dye’ is like a dip dye but the colour runs through the middle not the ends. It can be done with any colour, blonde, brunette and reds. It’s going to be the next big thing for models!

What is your current role?

I’m the art coordinator at Brooks and Brooks, London

Have you won any other awards previous to this one?

I got made the ‘It girl of 2011’ at the Creative Head Awards and I was in the finals for cosmopolitan magazines ‘woman of the year’ award as well as being put in the times news papers top 100 happy list.

What has been your favourite part so far?

I taught hairdressing in Madagascar last year for 3 months. It was a beautiful and humbling experience. My fella and I just rocked up with a backpack and a few pairs of scissors. Soon it was being talked about on the local radio and news papers! It translated as ‘Couture comes to Madagascar!’

What is the story behind your career in hairdressing?

 I’m from a family of 7 hairdressers. It’s in the blood!  Even my hairdressing nan was by my side when I was having pictures taken for OK magazine!

Do you have a dream client?

 I don’t really have a dream client. I’m not really celebrity driven.  I like the up and coming models I do in the salon. They are so young, beautiful and excited by the industry.

What advise can you offer to people in terms of everyday hair care and products?

My hair care advice for all my  models is invest in treatments and conditioners. Kerastase masqueintense is the best treatment I’ve ever come across. I love it because even though its a treatment you can use it as a conditioner.

What are your trend predictions for this summer (colour & styles)?

My trend prediction is the ‘mid dye’ especially on a blonde base. It can be done so softly that its only just noticeable in certain lights but gives you a new alternative to the ‘dip dye.’  Trends have to move on, and the ‘DIP – DIED!’


Contact: georgia@models1.co.uk

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