#InsideModels1: Florence Kosky — Preparing for Fashion Week

Preparation for London Fashion Week AW 15 is well on its way! It’s a time for the girls to ensure they are in tip top form and energised for the busy period to come.

We spoke to the lovely Florence Kosky to find out how she prepares for fashion week!


flo kosky

How do you prepare for fashion week?  

Cut down on sweets and chocolate, increase the amount of exercise I’m doing and make sure I get loads of sleep before the craziness starts!

What sort of exercise do you do? Do you have regime?

Mainly strength building exercises (like yoga, squats, push ups etc) and then with a little bit of high intensity cardio. recently I’ve been training with bodyism (ran by Models 1 Tegan) twice a week which is good because it gives me more of a structure!

How do you keep energised?

 I know it’s obvious but drinking loads of water actually makes a difference. 

Top tips for looking fresh faced and awake?

Again drinking water cause it helps get rid of spots and bags under your eyes which come up when you’re constantly travelling

Top 5 products in your handbag over fashion week?

 Paw paw ointment

Spare phone with american/French/Italian SIM card haha!

Caudile eye cream

Hair brush and anti frizz stuff (I like Moroccan oil best)

My knomo portable iPhone charger

What’s your typical day during London Fashion Week?

Because I do New York fashion week first, I miss the week of castings before hand, so London is the craziest for me.

I will start around 8 (or earlier if I’m doing a show in the morning – my earliest call time last season was 4.30!!!) and then my day will be a totally random mix of castings fittings and shows until around midnight! It’s mentaaaaal

What do you like to listen to over / what’s on fashion week playlist?

I like to listen to something that keeps my energy levels up, so like EDM dance music really haha, if I listen to something softer it makes me want to sleep.

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