If the shoe fits..

Shoe legend Jimmy Choo has presented Tiffany Picani with a custom made pair of shoes. The Britain’s Next Top Model winner was awarded the shoes at The World Travel Market event, after paying him a visit at his couture showroom to discuss colour and style ideas. We went along with her to this exciting event..

Relaxing at the flat , Tiffany talks about life so far as Britain’s Next Top Model

Models 1: Your life has been pretty crazy since winning the show. What have you been up to?

Tiffany: Well we had BNTM Live which I really enjoyed. It was nice to see the girls and not be competing against them. I’ve been doing a lot of work for Revlon, which has been a really good experience. Everyone was lovely. They’ve actually decided to use me as the face of Revlon Malta which is exciting. I flew there a couple of days ago to do the shoot, and managed to spend a day at home too. It was great because I was doing a dream job and getting to see my family as well.

M1: What’s been the best moment so far?

T: Seeing the campaign for Revlon in the shops, and in Vogue

M1: How do you like living in London?

T: Its been really good so far. I’ve gotten used to it much quicker than I expected. I like going out and seeing all the different places. There’s so much to do, you can never get bored of it, and its great because it means I’m not too far away from my grandparents. Its strange sometimes getting recognised, especially when people come up to you. They know so much about you but you know nothing about them.

M1: Do think your style has changed since winning the show?

T: I like to try different things. I always have, but I try to not dress so girly now. I have managed to get a few things for free, mainly from the BNTM Live event at Excel. A lot of the stands were nice enough to give me things that they had on sale there. And I’ve got loads of stuff from Revlon, they gave me so much make-up, and it’s nice because I get to experiment now instead of my usual routine..

M1: Do you still keep in contact with the other girls?

T: I’m still friends with a lot of the girls from the show, we speak a lot.

M1: How are you feeling about today?

T: I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see the shoes. I have seen them in the process of being made but not finished. And I am very delighted that Jimmy Choo invited me.

M1: How much say have you had on the design of the shoes Jimmy Choo will be presenting to you today?

T: He was there when I went to go and have my fitting and was kind enough to show me around, and how the shoes are made from scratch. I didn’t expect that, I thought I was going for a normal fitting. He’s lovely. I was shown all the different materials and styles and was asked which I would prefer. I asked for their advice as they were professionals, they know what they’re doing. I told them what designs I liked and what colours and they put it all together. I chose a strap which came up to the side which I thought was really nice, and went for a slightly metallic colour because it will go with more.

M1: So do you think you will be brave enough to wear them…?

They’ll definitely be a prized possession, especially because they were made for me. I do want to wear them, I don’t want to just put them up and stare at them. Of course I won’t wear them all the time, but I’d love to on special occasions.

 On route to the event

Tiffany and Jimmy Choo have a moment to catch up

 before he presents her with her shoes

After the presentation we manage to get a taster of some of the delicious Malaysian cuisine on offer.

After an exciting afternoon, Tiffany heads home with her beautiful new Jimmy Choo’s. When again asked the question “So do you think you will be brave enough to wear them…?, Tiffany replies “..hmm, perhaps only on my wedding day..”. Very wise.

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