Huan Zhou for Fenty Beauty

Popstar Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty cosmetics line is on track to be the most talked about beauty drop of 2017. Highly anticipated and launching with an unprecedented 40 shades of foundation, the inclusive line is determined to bring that Rihanna glow to every woman, of every colour. M1’s Huan Zhou found herself alongside the singer for the campaign and we chatted her up about her experience on set and the brand itself.

1. This was a top-secret project, did you find it hard to keep it a secret?
Yes! I was SO excited and couldn’t believe it! I never imagined that I would work with Rihanna – I really wanted to tell my family and friends asap!
2. What was your experience like on set? It looked high-energy!
All of the girls in the campaign were very excited and we all worked very hard. Everyone was just so grateful to be a part of it.
3. Were you a fan of Rihanna’s before this campaign? 
Yes, of course! I am a big fan of hers and I’ve listened to her music for so long!
Photo by Hayden Williams
Photo by Hayden Williams
4. Have you gotten to take home any of the products? What can you tell us about it?
Although I didn’t take any products home after shooting, they applied the purple eyeshadow and lip gloss on me during the shoot which I loved. Everyone will go crazy for it!!
5. As a model of colour, do you often find it hard to makeup that reflects your beauty?
For this shoot, no. It certainly won’t be limited by the colours. For example, during the shoot, the makeup artist had a selection for every girl and the looks were amazing on everyone!
6. Do you think this line has the power to influence the beauty industry? 
For sure!  She has became a fashion icon already and she knows beauty very well. Also, the colours, quality, and texture of Fenty Beauty is stunning and unique – it’ll definitely set some new trends in the industry.
7. What are you most excited for once the collection launches?
The lipsticks! Such Beautiful colours – I loved it.
8. Lipstick or lip-gloss?
9. Matte or highlighted? 
10. Eyeliner or Mascara?

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