Booker Hannah’s Alkaline Fridge Fill | Honestly Healthy

Here at Models1, our Women’s booker Hannah is trying out Honestly Healthy’s Alkaline Fridge Fill! An amazing service that delivers a vegetarian, alkaline, delicious 3 day menu straight to your door with an organised number system, meaning you don’t have to do any of the preparation. The 3 day Lifestyle package that she is trying is designed to help you get through the hump of your week, feeding your body so it can naturally get rid of toxins – leaving you balanced and healthy!


Day One Menu …

First Morning Snack : Greens Smoothie

Lunch : Asparagus and Dill Frittata with Salad

Afternoon Snack : Crushed Edamame Bean Spread with Carrots

Dinner : Lemon Risotto with Roasted Butternut Squash and Salad

We are excited to see how Hannah gets on! Check back for Day Two’s menu tomorrow.



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