Heather Stewart-Whyte — Natural Beauty by Jenny Hands

Some of our most recognised, classic models were shot by the fantastic photographer Jenny Hands. The shoot was all about celebrating women within the industry, in their most true and natural form.  Each woman is photographed showcasing their individual, natural beauty in these classical looks.

Jenny has captured some of our most recognised faces from  Europe’s largest Classic board.

There is a lovely raw feeling to the story and a strong sense of empowerment about ageing.   It truly is a breath of fresh air in an industry where models and celebrities are constantly over-edited.

This was such a brave and influential fashion shoot which begs the question that more photo-shoots should be un-retouched?

These women, whose careers still exist today, have had the sort of success that young girls can only dream of achieving.

Heather_Models1_Classic_01JPEG Heather_Models1_Classic_02JPEG Heather_Models1_Classic_03JPEG Heather_Models1_Classic_04JPEG Heather_Models1_Classic_05JPEG

Photographer – Jenny Hands www.jennyhands.com

Assistants to Jenny Hands – Alex Forsey, Benjamin Madgwick and Harriet Macsween

Skin care by Mary Jane Frost at Jed Root using Natura Bisse

Hair – Ken O’Rouke using O&M hair products

Assistant to Ken O’Rouke – Ben Talbott

Location; Spring Studios, London

For any inquires please contact: uwe@models1.co.uk / chantal@models1.co.uk

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