Harmony Boucher ¦¦ NEW HAIR

Vuvuvultures front woman Harmony Boucher took the chop last week to shave all of her hair off. After sporting a laid back mohican style for a while, Harmony decided it was time to mix it up…

What made you decide to take your hair off?

I’d been planning it for a while but kept getting work with my hair needing to stay! I think being in London sometimes you need a fresh start to regain some energy from working all day every day! This was my major plan!

How does it feel?

Amazing but my ears are getting extra cold now! And I think I look a bit scary sometimes now! Especially on stage!

Will you do it again?

Always and forever!

Next hair plans?

Well with it being short I can have a play now so I can’t imagine it staying the same colour for many days at this point :) I’m thinking blue next!

Thanks Harmony xxx (we love it)


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