Fifi Takes on Tokyo

New face Fifi Newbury is exploring unknown territory…in Tokyo! She fills us in on what she’s been up to so far in this exciting city…

Hello again!

I have been working very hard once again this week, and with only two weeks left in Tokyo there is still so much I want to see and do!

O.K, so by now I bet you are all wondering what kind of trends are hot in Tokyo?…

So this week I thought I would hit the streets of Harajuku to do some style spotting….the spotting was easy, but conversing with some people was very difficult as my Japaneses is very limited..but hey i gave it a go, and here are some of my favorite Fashionites!

One big trend that kept on popping up were platform flats. A big trend in the 90’s, these crazy cool shoes are making a come back here in Tokyo, I may even have to bring some home with me!

1. Red sandals from Belly Button worn by Sari from Tokyo.
2. Black platforms from Belly Button worn by Laura from Melbourne, Australia worn with socks from Comme Des Garcons.

3. White shoes from Belly Button worn with leggings from Bulle De Savon.
4. Black platform converse worn by Tekeho from Tokyo.

The Vintage inspired clothing fad has also reached Tokyo, with everyone wearing un-named vintage brands. This gives everybody a very individual and unique style. Here are some people I found that I thought had pulled their looks off exceedingly well.

5/6. Wego from Tokyo wearing vintage accessories, and pulling off a 40’s inspired working mans outfit.
7. Chisato, from Tokyo wearing a vintage hand painted suit and vintage Dr Martens.
8. Yuma, from Tokyo rocking the 80’s inspired look wearing all vintage and customized Platform shoes.

Also his week, a photo shoot I did for Elle online Japan got released onto the website. Here are a few pictures… a sneaky peak at just one of the many things I have been up to whilst here.

9. wearing a Crew dress and Joomi Lim/ Jumirimu necklace for Elle.com Japan
10. Elle.com Japan in Stella McCartney blouse and bag.
11. Fifi wearing Stella McCartney shirt, pants, sandals and bag for Elle.com Japan

until next time, Fifi
Stay tuned for more instalments of Fifi’s travels in Japan!

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