Fifi Takes on Tokyo

New face Fifi Newbury is exploring unknown territory…in Tokyo! She fills us in on what she’s been up to  so far in this exciting city…

 After a crazy few weeks planning, picking, packing, and not to forget spending 12 hours on an aeroplane watching films and (in my opinion the best part of any flight) eating aeroplane food! Both my mum and I were more than ready to finally see Tokyo.

On first impressions this place definitely comes up trumps. As we catch the airport bus to meet my booker from IMAGE, I can’t help but notice there is a kind of charm about Tokyo, not just the place but the people as well.

On meeting my booker, Yasto he tells me that he needs to take some pictures to send to a client that has been asking for me. (Good sign? I think so!)

After taking the pictures he tells me that I had nine castings to do that day, not quite what I was expecting but I suppose its a good thing that I am getting straight into work, even if I haven’t slept in a few days!

We get driven around to our castings in a car so we can fit more castings into a day, and it also saves all the models from getting lost!

I finish my castings at abut 10:30pm. Our manager (driver and translator) takes our books and tells us all what time we need to arrive at the agency the next day.

I have to say, only having to organise what I will be wearing the next day is bliss! (As mum does all the shopping and cooking!)

After a few days of castings I get the news that I will be working Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It looks like those long days have paid off already.

My first job is for a body lotion and make up campaign that will be aired in Tokyo, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Tomorrow is Sunday and truly will be a day of rest for me.

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Contact for Fifi is lucy@models1.co.uk