20 year old Emma Maclaren’s flawless skin, bright blue eyes and striking features have attracted attention from the likes of German, Russian and Spanish Vogue, Elle UK, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and Glass Magazine. She has also been shot for Burberry Brit and Max Factor (for which she has been the face of for two seasons). With an ambition to move into theatre and performance, we have no doubt that Emma’s charming personality, and endless versatility in front of the lens will result in this becoming a reality, alongside many more campaigns and editorials to come.

Models 1: How did you get involved in modelling?

Emma Maclaren: I was scouted over 7 years ago, aged 13, while on a school trip to the Clothes Show Live. I didn’t know anything about fashion or modelling so was pretty scared at first. I remember, I had my photo taken with my friends, and I just stood at the end smiling, about a foot taller than them. Afterwards I came to London and went with my mum to see Models 1, and just felt really comfortable there.

M1: What is the best aspect of being a model?

EM: Not everyone gets to travel the world and visit exotic places for their job. I have been lucky enough to visit some lovely places that I’ve always wanted to go to on holiday. Even if it’s just to shoot there, it’s great to experience other places and their cultures, such a wonderful opportunity.

M1: Where has been your favourite place you have travelled to?

EM: For my first editorial shoot, with American Glamour. It was beautiful, and I would love to go back there one day. We were staying in little huts, and there was no electricity. I’d taken my electric toothbrush and phone, and every morning had to take them to breakfast to charge them!

M1: Where would be your ideal shoot location?

EM: It wouldn’t be in a studio, although amazing things can be created. Being on location (weather dependant!) is always fun. Beautiful sunshine can be a real treat, so somewhere hot near the equator. The furthest I’ve travelled is Tokyo, but I would love to travel to Australia or New Zealand. North America is another place I’d love to travel to. Being a country girl, I love the outdoors, green grass, fresh air.

M1: How do you stay grounded whilst moving around so much?

EM: It depends how long I’m away for. I always try to find a local health club or spa. My sister is a beauty
therapist and when I’m not working, if she has time she gives me a treatment. While I’m away, if I can find 

somewhere to have something done its lovely! I also love to read, it keeps your mind ticking. It’s really important to take care of your body, and having been independent from such a young age, I’ve learnt to take care of mine.

M1: What’s your favourite meal?

EM: I’m a seafood girl. My dad’s a fish monger, so I have always been surrounded by it. I love coming home and cooking it with my mum and sister.

M1: How would you describe yourself?

EM: I’m quite a giving person, always thinking about others. I hate seeing people upset and not being able to do anything about it.

M1: If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing?

EM: I’d be following other skills and aspirations, so sport, acting, art, painting. I would try and do all of these things, but mainly keep up my singing and acting, which is something I am going to start pursuing more now.

M1: Who has been your favourite designer to model for?

EM: I would have to say John Galliano. I know there has been a lot

happening with him in the last few months, but aside from that his creative streak is amazing. I’ve never seen a designer have such imaginative ideas in his head. The clothes, colours and runway sets are all so theatrical.

M1: What was the last song you listened to on your iPod?

EM: I’ve recently been listening to lots of variations on jazz, like Nina Simone and Michael Buble. I’m quite a Jazz girl, probably because I’m really close to my granddad, and listen to it a lot with him. I helped him download lots onto his MP3 player recently. I also love Melody Gardot, her voice is so beautiful. My alarm clock is her variation on Over the Rainbow, its lovely to wake up to.

M1: Who would be your ultimate dinner date?

EM: Thinking about theatre and how I would love that to progress, it would have to be Andrew Lloyd Webber. If I could meet him that would be a dream.

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