Duncan Macrae ¦ Paco Rabanne ¦ Invictus Award

“Seven athletes from seven countries live together and face sport challenge to convince internet users to vote for them and let them win the Invictus Award and funds for their project.”

“In association with their latest male fragrance Invictus, Paco Rabanne have created the Invictus Award. The first annual award is between seven athletes, selected by a special jury, who are in the running to win €50 000 for a special project as well as be the hero of the 2015 Invictus Calendar, to be released in 2014. Included in the line up is our extreme marathon runner Duncan Macrae (England). The winner will be determined by votes cast on an online digital platform that will be launched in July. Judging will also taking into consideration factors like charisma, physical abilities and mental strength”

Find out more: http://www.pacorabanne.com/invictus/

Contact: donna@models1.co.uk


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