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Damon Baker

“I am damon. i am a fashion photographer/editor, explorer of style and as some would say, freak”

At just 19, Damon Baker has made a name for himself as a promising young fashion photographer. With news of his work spreading across the internet, and already shooting editorials for various magazines, Damon is keen to show off his unique style.

Models 1 catches up with him to find out what it’s like being a young photographer in the industry today.

Models 1:Wow, being so young you’ve done extremely well to create so much interest in your work. How did you get into photography in the first place?

Damon: I guess I can say it’s something I didn’t exactly ‘get into’, I look at it more as something I’ve always done, a way for me to express myself, my photos are my mind spilled out and transformed into pixels. I have been interested in fashion since I can remember, I see it as my life, something I was born to do.

M1: How would you describe your style?

D: My style has been said to be dark, edgy, editorial. I would say it reflects my moods, my personality and my personal dress style, I guess you could say I have got a lot of attention also for the way I dress myself, it can be quite controversial for a boy of my age. It’s been said that I dress as if I were modeling my own photo shoot, which I find important, image is crucial.

M1: Fashion is a difficult industry to break into, what advice would you give to other young photographers starting out?

D: Don’t let anything phase you, do what you set out to do and do it with style. There’s enough room for everybody in this industry, wether you believe that or not. We are all different. Take the criticism and don’t let it stop you, let it better you. Take over the world in the best pair of shoes you own.

M1: Looking through your blog, it looks like you’ve had some pretty cool experiences. Are there any that stand out for you in particular?

D: Everything I have done lately has been an experience to me that I feel blessed to have been involved in. I’ve just been confirmed for some great opportunities that I can’t wait to share with everybody. The best experience for me is most definitely being able to connect with creatives online who share the same interest, without people viewing my work it may have been harder to carry on.

M1:You must have already faced a few hurdles so far. What would you say is the most difficult part of your profession?

D: Mountains are built to be climbed, bridges are made to walk over, as long as you keep your mind in the right place and hold onto your dreams, you can do anything. Nothing is difficult, it’s all a learning experience. Life is most definitely what you make it.

M1: With fashion week looming over us, London is an exciting (and manic!) place to be. Will you be participating

D: Oh it’s definitely manic, I’ve probably has the busiest two weeks of my life lately due to FW. I’m booked in over fifteen shows, which should be fun, I won’t necessarily be photographing, I’ll be viewing collections, possibly writing about them and going to the social events. I like to get involved in all aspects of the industry.

M1: Which stylists and models would you most like to work with?

D: There are so many talented people in the industry already. I could go on forever telling you who I’d like to work with. (haha)

M1: Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

D: Surrounded by fur.

M1: Finally, who would be
your ultimate dinner date?

D: Mary Kate Olsen or Olivia Palermo – I’m a little obsessed, ssh.

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Visit http://www.damonbaker.co.uk/

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