With the sunshine come the models – or so it seemed this morning when we had an influx of beautiful boys and girls for an agency casting. Allow us to introduce you…

BEN WATERS (Models 1 new face)

CHANA (Models 1 new face)

ROMAN KEMP (Models 1 new face)

FION MACDIARMID (Models 1 men)

PATRICK O’DONNELL (Models 1 men)

HEATHER KEMESKY (Models 1 women)

HARRY GOODWINS (Models 1 men)

GEORGE THREADINGHAM (Models 1 new face)

FRANZISKA KLEIN (Models 1 women)

ISABELLE JOHNSON (Models 1 new face)

AISHA (Models 1 new face)

For boys contact ryan@models1.co.uk

For girls contact alice@models1.co.uk

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