British Girls: Tamara Long & Florence Kosky


Tamara Long and Florence Kosky made a beautifully British duo in their latest editorial ‘Girls About Town’ for Harpers Bazaar UK. Styled by Charlie Harrington in classically British brands like Burberry and emerging brands Alistair James London and Craig Green, our girls captured the gorgeously grey essence of London Town. However, it got us thinking, beyond trench coats and knitwear, what really makes a British girl? We asked Tamara and Florence to join us in a little game of ‘Finish this sentence” to figure it out.

  1. You’re not a Brit if you don’t….
    • Tamara: moan about everything
    • Florence: passively aggressively apologise at someone for queue barging at least once a day
  2. A British girl would never…
    • Tamara: shave her legs if she’s wearing trousers
    • Florence: put turkey bacon on a fry up. Or in their mouths for that matter.
  3. Every British girl loves a good…
    • Tamara: muddy music festival
    • Florence: bake off innuendo 
  4. An essential British sweet is…
    • Tamara: a starburst 
    • Florence: spotted dick ?
  5. An British girl would never leave home without…
    • Tamara: an umbrella
    • Florence:  a travel bag of teabags ☕️


Photographer: Agata Pospieszynska

Stylist: Charlie Harrington

Hair Stylist: Miroslava Mysicka

Makeup Artist: Florrie White


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