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Does life truely start when you’re at your goal weight? When you lose the few extra kilos, get rid of the stretch marks or your cellulite disappears? Is that when you’ll be truely happy? Is that when life will be complete and you’ll be successful and beautiful? Are they the most important things in your life? unless the weight is posing risk to your health- the answer is probably not. I’ve been a slim girl- I got praise from EVERYWHERE, saying I was beautiful, congratulations for everyone I knew, girls asking me how I did it, boys throwing themselves at me in bars. I was on a hiiiiiiighhhhh I loved the attention- but I wasn’t at my goal weight-although a size 10- so just imagine the reaction when I was!?…but I still wasn’t happy with myself, my relationships with friends and myself were suffering because I was so self conscious and my relationship with food was warped and calories were the enemy. Hand me anything and I could tell you how many calories were from fat, carbs and protein. I developed major anxiety that I still deal with today, my mental and emotional health suffered due to this obsessive need that I had to be thin and free of the horrible cellulite and stretch marks on my skin. I thought people wouldn’t like me and boys wouldn’t come near me because I had these markings. Your emotional, mental and physical health are all so important. Don’t let everything suffer just so you can fit societies mould of flawless beauty. If the world were blind, would you still impress you self?

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Monday’s in LA ? #AuthenticallyYouNaturally

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