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Our classics board is very popular and also very strong. There is the most beautiful array of women who prove that beauty is not necessarily kept for the young. Daphne Selfe, Carmen & Tziporah all serve as evidence that being an older woman can benefit you in developing style through your own security and embrace. Not only do these women have a claimed sense of style but they also have skin and bodies that contend with their years. We caught up with Cindy Robins who keeps in tip top shape through regularly teaching yoga. She explains to us her model history and her fine tips on keeping fit and healthy.

M1: How long have you been with models 1?

CR: About three years.

M1: What has been your modelling story so far?

CR: I started modelling at 16 . I was in Singapore at the time and was bored to tears . My family and I were there  as my stepfather had a contract for 6 months . The expat schools were full and my mum saw an ad from a local model agency advertising catwalk lessons. She thought it would keep me busy for a few weeks . Luckily for me a show choreographer came to watch one of the lessons. He liked me and put me in a big press show. From that  I got booked for a campaign for a department store, and I just kept working from there.

M1: What do you do to keep your body fit & in shape?

CR: I have always loved exercise and I did ballet from the age of  3 up to 16, then Pilates for a few years. I tried the gym but I hated it. I have been doing yoga for the past 20 years and teaching it for 12.  I love it as it is great for the mind and body, it creates strong lean muscles and really helps my back . (I have a mild scoliosis of the spine ) calms my mind and just makes me feel great.

M1 How do you find yoga effects your lifestyle and mind?

CR: I do yoga pretty much everyday. When I’m not modelling I teach 7-8 classes a week . I’m also doing another teacher training course .I believe because of this my body really craves healthy food ,I don’t feel good if I eat badly. Teaching can be quite exhausting so I have to take care of myself. I can get stressed quite easily, yoga helps keep me balanced and worry less.

M1: Do you eat well, if so what are your favourite foods to eat to keep healthy?

CR: I do eat well. I don’t eat meat, I’m pretty much vegetarian but I do love fish. My husband is half Saudi half Spanish and was brought up in Lebanon, so we eat a lot of middle eastern food and so much of it is veggie. I love to cook but I’m not health obsessed. I love a curry or the odd fish and chips. The most important thing is to have a balanced diet in my eyes.

M1: What skincare routines do you go through in order to keep a young complexion?

CR: Since the age of  12, I have always cleansed , toned and moisturised. Doesn’t matter how late I get in. I never sleep with my make-up on. At the moment I am using Environ products but they are hard to come by asyou have to get them from a beauty salon not over the counter.

M1: Do you have special skin treatments?

CR: I have regular facials. I also have facial rejuvenation every couple of weeks which is an Indian facial massage and the treatment lasts for just over an hour. I also have Reiki included. It’s amazing you can really see a difference. It lifts and tones the skin and is completely natural.

M1: Do you have any top tips for keeping young & looking healthy?

CR: Eat a balanced diet,  avoid caffeine, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly ,find something that you really enjoy so you will stick with it .

Cleanse , tone and moisturise and wear sunscreen everyday whatever the weather :)

M1: What one sentence of advice can you give to young models about their body, keeping healthy & looking young?

All of the above & always remember that what you do to your body now effects how you will look as you get older. So please take care of it and don’t abuse it .

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