Backstage Snaps : Stephanie Hall – Miss Vogue Bake-Off (Interview)

Models 1’s amazing Stephanie Hall recently went head to head with some other top models in a (very serious) baking competition for Miss Vogue and guess what… SHE WON!!!!!


Are you an avid baker?

Erm I wouldn’t say I’m an avid baker but I do like to bake, I do it very rarely when I get an urge.

What cake did you whip up?

I made a chocolate and coffee cake.

How much fun did you have, on a scale of 1 to 10, on the day?

It was most definitely a 10, shooting with all my best Brit girls, baking cakes, messing around, having a laugh and also winning was definitely a plus! We also got to style ourselves which was exciting for everyone hah.

Who’s cake was the worst?

Oooh that’s a harsh question erm no ones was bad! Everyone did really well, I think everyone was surprised.

How did it feel winning?

It was sooo good winning, as when we got there everyone had a little bet on who would win and no one thought that I would, so I thought I’d prove them wrong ;)

Apart from your own which one would you have picked?

Well I tried everyone’s cake so if I could I would of taken them all home ;)

Nice work girls. x

Stephanie_Hall_1 Stephanie_Hall_2 Stephanie_Hall_3 Stephanie_Hall_4



Contact: gemma@models1.co.uk

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