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Annie Monroe already appears to have an endless list of achievements. Showing an interest in music from the age of six, she went on to work in fashion music and film, eventually moving to New York to attend New York University, also working regularly on film sets. After joining The Like, an all-girl band known worldwide for their style, featuring in Magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Nylon and Grazia. Now, Annie is exploring other avenues, one of which is DJ group Black and Lilac with Paula Goldstein, creative director of Purple Magazine’s site. With some exciting gigs coming up over Fashion Week, the pair are about to take over the London scene as the new resident DJ’s. We caught up with Annie to find out more…

Models 1: Tell me about how your band ‘The Like’ got together?
Annie Monroe: I had just graduated from New York University and I started to pursue my acting career when my old highschool bandmate friend from LA told me Z had asked about me, and The Like were looking for an organ player. At this point, I was only playing classical music in private rooms on school campus for a few years, but when I went to LA and met up with the girls it was an instant click. And I decided to move out to California.

Models 1: What was it like touring the world as an artist?

AM: I had traveled the world a lot before on my own but it was nothing quite like touring as an artist. When you have a fixed schedule it is hard to immerse yourself into a strange foreign place. I used to go on wild adventures on my own but I would get into a lot of trouble…so the band really kept me close, couldn’t get TOO wild! Ha! But with that said, we had our own adventures. And yes they were crazy times. It’s really unique to play music in a new setting every night and meet people who are coming specifically to hear your music.

M1: You are also keeping busy with a flourishing acting career. Both professions require you to play a role, whether on stage or on set. How do the two compare?

AM: Acting on a set and playing music on a stage is a very different form of expression for me. Playing live music is very dependent on the energies in the room, the audience, the group, the sound…there is also much more attention being placed on the immediate performance. Whereas acting on a set, nobody is watching my performance, they are all focusing on a million other things—my role is just one of many. I love this collaborative aspect of it, of tons of people working together to achieve a vision that is greater than each of them. But I’m in love with acting because it gives me the opportunity to explore other worlds, fantasies- other realities. And every day and every hour is a new set of challenges and circumstances and adventures…
M1: The Like were featured worldwide, not only for their music but for their fashion sensibilities. How involved are you with fashion. Do you pay close attention to the changing trends?

AM: I love fashion, always have. Being a part of the Like really gave me the opportunity to dress up which gave me good reason to go shopping all the time!! I remember with my first band, which was all guys, I put on a 60’s cocktail dress for our first show in LA, they were all in jeans in and t-shirts and they actually asked me to dress more casual for the next show!! I grew up in fashion though, my parents and their parents had very simplistic and classy style sensibilities. I’ve been raiding their closets since I was 13 years old. I don’t pay close attention to changing trends so much as merely check out what is new in fashion, not for the trend appeal but for new beautiful designs that I like. I’m really looking forward to fashion week!

M1: A birdie tells me you’re now moving into DJing?

AM: Yes! And now I DJ! It’s really fun!! Paula Goldstein and I have started a DJ group called: Black and Lilac! The idea is to DJ together but as we both have a lot of other things going on (Paula is the creative director of Purple Magazine’s site) and one of us is often travelling so we also DJ solo…

M1: What genre of music do you play?

AM: Our playlists’ are very eclectic. We love to choose songs that make us smile and obviously want to get people dancing so it’s very poppy… it can ranges from 60’s rock and roll, to brand new electro finds and of course pop gods like Gaga!

M1: Have you got any gigs coming up?

AM: Between us we have played: Wyld, Hoxton Pony, Alibi, Aldo Store opening, Kate Spade opening, and will play: at the Soho House, BoomBoom Room NYC, Matthew Williamson’s fashion night out, and a residency at a new club, sooo stay posted!! (twitter: www.twitter.com/blackandlilac)

M1: Where would be your ultimate gig?

AM: A party on a yacht sailing through the Aegean Sea! Or Rio and dance all night!

You can find out more of what Annie’s getting up to on her personal twitter! http://www.twitter.com/annie_monroe

View her portfolio HERE

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