Anja K Takes to the Spotlight

The amazing Anja Konstantinova is the latest model to star on the FTape Model Wall. Born in Russia, and raised in Australia, Anja is about to take the modelling world by storm. Watch this space…

Age: 21

Birth date: 24.07.1990

Birthplace: Russia

Ethnic Origin: Russian

Nickname: Kitten

Where were you scouted? At a hair salon I used to work at in Melbourne Australia

Best feature: Lips

Favourite beauty product: Ginger styling oil by Sebastian

Hobbies: Too many to mention dancing around, walking in the park, eating out, eating in, traveling…

Favourite Movie: Life is beautiful. Candy.

What’s on your iPod? Whatever my friends put on it, only listen to it on shuffle. “Cage” is probably my favorite at the moment

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate treats after meals. I always have some sort of chocolate in my backpack

Dislike: People that stop in the middle of the street or people that ignore me.

Dream country to visit: South Africa

What was the last thing to make you laugh out loud? When my friend’s Magnus, Claire and I bought a watermelon. It weight about 4.50kg and we had to carry it for 20mins but it felt like an eternity. When we finally got home, Magnus accidentally dropped the watermelon down the stairs. I haven’t laughed so hard in years. So much hard work for nothing!

What was the last dream you remember? I don’t really remember my dreams, but my last one went along the lines of zombies trying to kill me. Not too sure though.

One word to describe yourself: Cats
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