Anais Pouliot and Daniel Hamaj – Models in Love feature on Anothermag.com

We love seeing our models in love – especially when they are both ours. Anais and Daniel talk to anothermag about their relationship and ‘laughing lots’…

Anais Pouliot_AnotherMag

How long have you been dating?
We have been dating for over two years.

Where did you meet?
We met in Paris – so romantic!

What first attracted you to one another?
Anais: I thought he was really cute and his accent was adorable.
Daniel: She was so gorgeous and sweet and once we kissed I knew she was the one!

What was the last gift you gave one another?
Anais: He gave me this beautiful antique ring for Christmas.
Daniel: She gave me a beautiful jacket.

When was the last time you made one another laugh?
We make each other laugh every single day. We’re having lots of fun together.

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