Amy Hixson popped in to tell us all about what she’s been up to in New York, her love of painting and a dog called Shogun!

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Models 1 – Have you got any hobbies apart from Modelling?

Amy Hixson – I do love to paint and when I get that creative minute I like to write.  I’ve also got a dog who is called Shogun, which means Samurai, he is really small and goofy looking and so I wanted to give him a big tough name!

What are your favourite things?

Shogun and my boyfriend, but I love my dog more! I also just bought an ipad which I love.

What is your favourite record?

I really love Led Zeppelin, so anything by him.

Describe your style?

My boyfriend’s clothes, when we met my wardrobe doubled, were pretty the much the same size and height so we share everything!

Who is your favourite designer?

Isabel Marant.

 What’s your idea of fun?

These days it’s sitting on my coach, playing this game called LA Noir on my Xbox; I’m so addicted!

What’s the best thing about your home town?

Ohio is a super small town, it’s good for what it is, but I’m glad I got out! If I stayed I would have probably gone to art school, met someone there and stayed there. I’m so glad that didn’t happen, I love being in New York!

How did you get into Modelling?

Well my older brother did some commercial Modelling, so he suggested I got into it.

Who is your favourite artist?

Salvador Dali, I’m lucky enough to have two pieces by him!

If not Modelling what do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

I would love to do something with art therapy and kids; I really want to work with children!

 A place you would love to visit?


Night owl or a day bird?

Day bird definitely, I just can’t do the whole dirty, grungy look, It just doesn’t suit me and so I need to look fresh!

What is your favourite city?

New York

What’s been your most memorable Modelling moment?

There’s a photographer I worked with recently who was great, he was very enthusiastic. It was a five day shoot pretty much doing the same thing every day and he managed to make everyone really upbeat, it was because he was so passionate about his work!

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