She’s a star on the rise and has some serious supermodel genes so it seemed only fitting that we cast Amber Le Bon to front our Graduate Fashion Week campaign. Shot by David Oldham and styled by our very own Arieta Mujay, Miss Le Bon did the GFW designs proud.
Carrie Gorman, from The London Paper, caught up with Amber after the shoot…
Carrie: What designer and High-Street labels do you wear?
Amber: I love my D&G handbags and am obsessed by Christian Louboutin shoes when I can afford them! High street wise, I wear lots of American Apparel and River Island (especially the jeans & shoes!), and I never go anywhere without Zara Simon jewellery, I actually wear that with everything!

What’s your failsafe party outfit?
Either a black bodycon dress, or jeans and heels with a chiffon top and my leather jacket.

If you were a Fashion designer what style would your clothes follow?
As my own style is quite schizophrenic I would probably have lots of black, chiffon, studs and leather items and then go completely the other side of things and have floaty, flowery, vintage style tea dresses. I’d really like to try designing some jewellery also.

You’ve been well-versed in the art of Modelling from infancy, but now that you’re fronting campaigns and going it alone, is Modelling what you expected?
I have kind of grown up around my Mum modelling, so it wasn’t really that much of a shock to me. I knew what I was getting in to and what to expect, and like every job it has its good and bad aspects.

Do you get lots of tips from mum?
Mum helps me when I ask for it which I am very grateful for, as it is lovely to have another person’s point of view on things.

What’s coming up next?
As for what’s coming up next, what ever my booker tells me!! We’ll see what happens; I just like to go with the flow.

Amber for Tatler and at the Hogan Best Buddies Charity Party