Australian born jetsetter Alexandra Spencer spends her time flitting from one continent to the next. When she’s not modelling, Alexandra spends her time dabbling in design, styling and photography. Her blog 4th and Bleeker, which started as an outlet for her to express her love for fashion has become extremely popular. We caught up with the girl who appears to have the world at her feet.

Models 1: You spend a lot of time travelling the world. Where do you spend most of your time?

Alexandra: I don’t spend any time in one particular place, I am travelling all the time. I’m generally either in Australia, Europe or America. My sister lives in New York so I send a lot of time there.

M1: What is your favourite city?

A: I love going back to Australia to relax, we have a house there by the sea, and also Thailand. Paris is another place I love, I always have so much fun there. But I love every city really.

M1: How did you get into modelling?

A: I was working as a designer and someone from Australian Vogue approached me to model for them.

M1: What is the best aspect of being a model?

A: Everything, there is nothing I don’t like about it. You get paid to travel and meet interesting people. Sometimes it feels like robbing a baby! Although I can be a bit lazy with it, I need to focus a bit more.

M1: How long has your blog, 4th and Bleeker, been going?

A: I’ve been doing it for about a year and a half now

M1: What is it about?

A: It’s sort of a way for me to indulge on myself…without sounding awful! I get bored doing one thing, and that was a way to combine everything I enjoy doing, like designing, photography and styling. I didn’t think anyone would look at it, but now lot. When I was designing it was fun to put it up. It was sort of an outlet.

M1: You style some great outfits. Is this something you are interested in doing more of?

A: Not necessarily. I don’t really read other blogs, and I would never walk into somewhere and be like ‘I’m a blogger, what can I offer you’, because what can you? Blogs are about expressing an opinion, but I think people get confused. You can’t be a blogger and then suddenly become a stylist. They’re completely different, like how much work they put into it and how much they love their job. I think stylists are kind of getting the raw end of the deal with young girls coming in and being like ‘hey, I can do it’. But saying that, I do enjoy styling and I do bits here and there. It’s just not something I see myself doing.

M1: You work with brands, promoting their pieces. How does this work?

Alexandra styles and shoots all of the images on her blog

 A: Well, not exactly. I’ve never accepted advertising on my blog. I don’t need the money, whereas I think a lot of girls do. I’m not tempted by that. Often If I do like a blog and I read it, and I see it’s just wallpapered with things I’m like ‘argh, I’m bored now’. There’s something about it that’s like a bit taboo to put it up there, kind of selling out in a way. Also, if you’re advertising something and you’re up for a big campaign, it makes things a lot more complicated if you’re already being associated with another brand. I consult for a few brands, so I can associate myself like that, but when you’re waiting for your big break to come the last thing you want is for that to get in the way. So at the moment I’m just biding my time.

M1: How would you describe your style?

A: Erratic. I find it hard to sort through vintage shops, but I have a bunch of amazing vintage things that I’ve just sort of come across. But I shop anywhere. It could be a Gucci pair of pants hanging next to a H&M pair of pants, it doesn’t matter to me, I just wear whatever I like.

M1: How would your friends describe you?

A: Um, funny…! Well I have a best friend since I was 7, she would come up with something better to say. Perhaps that I’m never in one place!

M1: Is there any other industry you’d like to move into?

A: Fashion is pretty broad. What can’t you do in fashion? You can go into the business side, you can be a VM, you can be a stylist, you can be an art director, you can be anything. Do I want to suddenly change track and be a stock broker? Not really.

M1: Where do you see yourself in 10 year’s time?

A: Probably doing the same thing, with lots of babies.

M1: Where will you be spending Christmas?

A: This will be my first Christmas in Australia. We’re always travelling, so it’ll be really nice to stay at home and spend time on the beach with my family and dogs.

M1: Who would be your ultimate dinner date?

A: Shelley my best friend.

To look at Alexandra’s blog go to http://www.4thandbleekerblog.blogspot.com/ 

Contact for Alexandra is julien@models1.co.uk

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